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5 Swimsuit Ideas for Summer 2015

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We know that you are dying to hit the beach and soak up sun rays like there’s no tomorrow. You can almost hear the ocean calling your name and we know that you can’t wait to get that well-deserved session of rest and relaxation. Before you can get to unwinding, you have to go through your essential checklist. The most important part of getting ready to go to the seaside is picking out the perfect swimsuit to compliment your body shape. We, as ladies, are very diverse when it comes to length, width and all of those other details, so you are going to have to pick a swimsuit that is just right for you. At a loss of inspiration? Check out these 5 awesome swimsuit ideas for summer 2015 and shop smart!

1. Animal Print Bikini

The fact that animal print is becoming a permanent staple in worldwide fashion is well-known by all gals. There really is something about that cheetah fur or those zebra stripes that make your sun-tanned skin look simply amazing. When printed on a bikini, it looks even better.

2. Retro High Waist

Nothing compares to the vintage vibe of the 50s. If you want to cover up some problem areas around your middle section, than a high waist bikini is exactly what you need. In addition to this, you will have elegance written all over you and you will shine like a retro diva.

3. Sexy One Piece

Whoever said that one piece swimsuits had to be bleak and boring? If you find a strappy one piece swimsuit, you are bound to be sexier than all the other ladies in bikinis. When it comes to this type of bathing suit, we recommend all black everything and as many cut-outs as possible.

4. Fancy Fringe

We are absolutely in love with fringes, especially when it comes to bathing suits. A bikini top really looks a lot more fabulous when you allow lovely fringes to gracefully fall down your abdomen. In addition to this, it can enhance the appearance of your upper body goodies, so give it a shot!

5. Surfer Girl

You don’t have to be elegant when it comes to looking great in a swimsuit. If you’re the sporty kind of gal, you can try the surfer girl look and rock some Hawaiian flower print shorts with a matching sports bra-like top and ride those waves ‘til dawn!

Photo credits: Thehunt.net,Sassisamblog.com, Pinterest.com.