5 Pop Culture-Inspired Costumes to Rock this Year’s Halloween Party

pop culture halloween costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and people of all ages are thinking about the perfect scary or funny costume to make an impression. The good news is you can find inspiration in pop culture and the latest trends in Halloween fashion. One such trend this year is to make Halloween costumes less frightening and more entertaining, or at least find a balance in between. Pop culture abounds in stylish ideas and we will take a look at five of them to get your imagination’s wheels turning!

1. Dia de Muertos Lady – The Book of Life (2014)

Dia de Muertos Halloween costumes are all the rage right now, as they represent the perfect blend of fear, seduction, entertainment and complexity. Make or buy your own costume and don’t forget its essential pieces:

  • Mini flared skirt in a white / black / red color mix with scary patterns like skulls or intricate Mexican-style colored prints.
  • Red and black bustier top adorned with black lace
  • Black lace / leather collar assorted with lace sleeves or gloves
  • High heeled ankle boots
  • A headpiece featuring flowers (flower crown, flower hair clips, flower hair band)
  • A white mask adorned with black-painted intricate designs (if you are up to it, you can create your own Dia de Muertos make-up with plenty of white powder, lipstick, and eyeliners).

2. Pokemon Character – Pokemon GO

You can’t have a global phenomenon like Pokemon Go and not have it translated into Halloween costumes as well. All you need is a pair of black leggings and comfy sneakers or boots and a black long sleeved stretch blouse. The game changer here is a Pokemon hoodie with all the details, in a plush warm fabric. Fortunately, you will find such a hoodie in many stores and become a Pikachu or a Charizard in no time.

3. Lady of Litchfield – Orange is the New Black (2013)

You can’t better celebrate this Halloween-meets-fashion-meets-entertainment trend than dressing up as Piper (or one of the other show characters you favor). In order to create this costume you need:

  • White T-shirt
  • Orange inmate-style jumpsuit
  • Black sneakers

4. Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad (2016)

You may have loved or hated the movie, but one thing is certain: Harley Quinn is an iconic character that you see in multiple versions all around Comic Con events all over the world. If you want to mix some beauty with some madness, this is the costume for you this year:

  • White and red top (all rugged and dirty, of course)
  • Half blue half red shorts (but given the weather you can opt for Harley Quinn leggings as well)
  • Add a red leather jacket as you still need to be warm this time of year
  • Colored pigtails you can temporarily dye with a colored shampoo or achieve by simply buying a Harley Quinn wig.
  • High heeled sneaker boots
  • The mandatory baseball bat
  • The smeared blue and red makeup

5. Iracebeth – Alice through the Looking Glass (2016)

The Alice costume would be too easy, so let’s take Iracebeth as an example and become this scary yet fascinating lady villain to rock the Halloween party! The costume is very complex, so you will probably have to buy it, together with the wig, the crown and the boots (or at least something similar). If you’re good at makeup you can achieve Iracebeth’s look at home, but if you want to truly portray her, a makeup artist is recommended.

What is your favorite pop-culture inspired Halloween costume? How are you going to dress up for this year’s Halloween party?

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