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5 Office Wear Ideas to Style Every Day of the Week

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Carrie Bradshaw almost never had to go to the office, but when she did, she definitely picked breathtaking attire. You, on the other hand, might find it hard to style corporate outfits every single morning. If you don’t work at Vogue, to “borrow” some exquisite pieces from their dressing, you might have to answer this question every day: “what to wear to work to look smashing and powerful?” Relax! We have five different answers for you!

1. Classic Combo

It usually involves silky shirts and jackets, power suits, knee-long skirts or long trousers and stiletto shoes. In order to add some spark to an otherwise common (and boring) office attire, don’t forget to style such wear with statement necklaces, an interesting purse, and colorful nail polish and so on. Accessorize boldly and you’ll get a fresh and powerful look every day.

2. Street Smart Business

This one involves cutting you some slack and adding some jeans and snickers into the picture. The difference between casual and business in this story resides in accessories: skinny jeans go great with heels and a professional bag, matched with silky shirts, men shirts, structured tops and even tank tops. Jeans and snickers, on the other hand, are elegantly enhanced by classy jackets or blazers and some refined jewelry.

3. Dress to Impress

Office dresses are nothing new: they are usually darker in color, knee long, featuring sleeves and going great with high heels. However, if you want a spectacular look, try an optical illusion business dress in a hound’s tooth print. Such dresses look like powers suits, but they are, in fact, dresses. You can now achieve your goal of feeling sexy, serious and comfortable at the same time.

4. Glamorous Chic

This is where all “Devil wears Prada” ladies come in. We are talking about precious, rich fabrics, sky-high posh heels, pencil skirts, silky blouses, faux-fur coats, long designer trousers, expensive perfumes, massive purses and clutches, designer wrist watches, statement necklaces in gold, pearl strings and so on. The secret of such outfits is that they can go from early mornings to late cocktail parties or business dinners.

5. Clashing Styles

This is the business fashion area where all bohemian girls gather. If flowery and flirty dresses don’t go with your job description, then you can try some style clashing to rock “serious” attires and blend in a bit of your quirky personality. This means adding up different shapes, (slouchy and fit), different styles, (masculine and feminine), different lengths, textures, patterns, heights, and sizes. You might look like you don’t care much about anything, but the trained eye instantly recognizes the mix of high fashion with a street-smart and bohemian attitude.

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