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5 Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress Style Tips

Bridesmaid Dress Style Tips
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You love your bridesmaids for so many different reasons because each and everyone on of them is extremely unique. You want their dresses to reflect who they are in the most authentic way. Instead of having everyone wear the same style dress, using a mismatched style instead can add variety while also allowing each girl to find the dress that flatters their figure best as well as their personal style. Here are 5 mismatched bridesmaid dress style tips for your wedding party.

  1. Bridesmaid Dress Style TipsOne option is to ask all of your bridesmaids to choose a dress that is the same color and shade. This keeps the color scheme consistent, but allows each person to play with the style as well as the texture of the meatier as they wish. This is often a good idea if you already have multiple colors in your overall scheme such as navy, cream and teal. This keeps the mismatched loo simple and straightforward. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about not liking a specific shade.
  2. If you are comfortable with multi shade dresses, this can be very fun! Choose one color, and ask that bridesmaids pick a dress that is that cool r but any shade. For example if you choose blue, the dresses may range in color from baby blue, to dark blue, to tiffany blue! This is often a great option because certain colors and tones will work better with an individual’s skin tone and complexion, helping them to look and feel their very best on your big day!
  3. You can also choose one specific dress style for all of your bridesmaids to wear and still keep the style mismatched. Often choosing one dress for everyone can make the process easier and ensure that you like the dress. However, you can still have fun and jazz it up a bit by giving each girl a different color dress. You can have rainbow colors or choose a few, and alternate having one girl wear green, then teal, then blue for example.
  4. Consider the dress length. For a truly mismatched loo, you may tell bridesmaids that they can wear a dress of any length. Some may wear cocktail while others may wear loan gowns. Another option is to specify whether you want a short or long dress. If you say short, specify how short is appropriate!
  5. Finally, you can use same or different colors and just ask that all bridesmaids choose a similar style dress. Perhaps you want everyone to wear a strapless, cross body, spaghetti straps or another style. While they will be similar, they’ll still be a bit different and your bridesmaids will still be able to add their own flavor through the fabric they choose and the color.

Using a mismatched theme for your bridesmaids’ dresses is a fun, unique and different way to approach the dress situation. Whether you bridesmaids get their dresses fromWinnie Couture ¬†or David’s Bridal, this is a style that will work for anyone and any budget. Mismatched dresses are less stuffy and more fun! It will allow each woman supporting you on your big day to add their personal touch and style to your big day, making it that much more meaningful and special.