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5 Less Risky Fashion Trends You Must Try

Experimenting with fashion comes with a lot of nitty-gritties. If certain fashion trends complement your personal style and suit your body perfectly, then they may not be blending well with your comfort levels. In order to escape from looking like a fashion disaster, many people avoid experimenting with their looks and keep away from trying new trends. No wonder most of the people these days are seen carrying simple and plain style statements. Well, the good news is that there are some fashion trends which are safe, easy and a lot less risky to try for almost anyone and everyone. Here are the best five of such styles.

1.             Peplum

This is one of the most versatile fashion trends. It will not only conceal the bulges of your tummy, but will also provide your body silhouette with great curves. This beautiful trend has worked as a blessing for many women in making them sexy instantaneously.

2.             Peter Pan Collar

Do not confuse the trend with its name. Yes, it has been named after a male character but it has recently emerged as a dainty trend among the female town. From plaid to leather to stud to lace, one can found them in a wide spectrum of varieties. You simply need to pick the one that will add to your beauty. The latest trend among the peter pan collars is the one that are incorporated with diamond eternity rings. So next time you feel like transforming your dull and boring tee in to a ravishing one, try putting on a peter pan collar.

3.             Statement Pants

These pants are available in a wide array of patters that covers everything such as the color blocked, metallic, printed, embellished and even striped. If you are able to select the pair that goes well with your body type, you will know that this trend of statement pants is not at all difficult to pull-off. Especially if you are looking for attire that fetches special attention to the lower portion of your body, consider nothing beyond these pair of pants. The current flavor of the season is hot with the floral, striped and metallic pants.

4.             Gloves

Putting on gloves is the simplest yet elegant way to finish off your sophisticated look. Since early fashion days till the contemporary trends, gloves have never been out of fashion. This may be accounted to the fact that these are usually easily available in a wide range and distinctive variety which covers everything such as fur, suede, bow details, leather, lace frills and many more which can be beautifully worn by just everyone and anyone at any time of the four seasons. Ensure that you pick a pair of gloves which blends well with your overall style and outfit.

5.             Loafers

One of the biggest misconceptions about loafers is that people fancy them as something which can be sported by only older people. However, this is definitely not true. As a rule of thumb, loafers impart a plain and basic flat style with a fresh approach. Though the loafers are usually simple in appearance, but these usually look trendy and hot on wearing. Try matching these with a pair of shorts or capris. These days fancy loafers are available too. In order to make them part wear, these some of these are studded with metal bits making the pair look classy and fancy. Loafers are also available in a wide range of shades covering everything from bright red to subtle cream. The materials used for these cover leather and cotton as well.

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Stella Patrick is a shoe designer who recently came up with the concept of fancy shoes studded with diamond eternity rings. She has also organized several exhibitions for the same.