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5 Iconic Fashion Designers You Need to Learn More About

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As one of the most blossoming luxury industries on a global scale, the wonderful world of couture has always been a subject of fascination for both the rich and famous and the everyday high end fashion lovers. By all means an innovative art form, designer fashion has taken the world by storm with pieces that have succeeded in revolutionizing modern day society, with sheer refinement, aesthetics and premium quality. While there are countless appreciated designers in the business, only a part of them can truly be praised as evolutionary. Discover below a few iconic fashion designers you need to learn more about, from their bountiful careers, to their timeless pieces that have become authentic fashion staples today.

1. Giorgio Armani

With an overwhelming experience of 40 years in high end fashion, Giorgio Armani is easily one of the most representative designers in history. Noted for his flawless designs for men, Armani is widely appreciated as being a pioneer of fashion on the red carpet. With multiple awards and recognitions for his activity, Armani has succeeded in creating one of the most respected fashion empires to this day.

2. Alexander McQueen

The dearly departed Alexander McQueen left a permanent mark on the fashion industry during his short, yet flourishing career. On a professional level, McQueen was nothing less than ambitious; he was chief designer of Givenchy, founder of the Alexander McQueen and McQ labels and recipient of numerous Designer of the Year awards. You can discover more about the British fashion legend in the book Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty.

3. Coco Chanel

Gabrielle Chanel is arguably one of the most influential fashion designers that has ever graced the industry with her presence. Coco Chanel not only radically upgraded the industry she activated in, but also the condition of women in society. Her signature creations remain some of the most sought after pieces in fashion and beauty, adorned and adored by even the most prestigious figures. The story behind the fashion giant is astonishing, so we highly recommend that you look into it.

4. Christian Dior

A genuine visionary, French designer Christian Dior founded one of the most iconic labels in the world in 1946. Today, his legacy brand Dior is one of the most diversified and luxurious labels in the industry, with products ranging from haute-couture to fashion, make up, jewelry, footwear and perfume, just to name a few. With creative directors like Yves Saint Laurent, Gianfranco Ferre or John Galliano throughout history, Dior was, is and will remain an icon on its own.

5. Pierre Cardin

The future of fashion has been brought a bit closer to us, thanks to the stunning works of Pierre Cardin. His experimental, avant-garde style stands out among all others when it comes to catwalk fashion, as Cardin is noted for not setting the female body shape as a priority in his creations. In addition to couture, the respected Italian designer branched out to automobile interiors and even designed jet planes.

Photo credits: Chanel.com.