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5 Helpful Swimsuit and Bikini Shopping Tips for Women

5 Helpful Swimsuit and Bikini Shopping Tips for Women,
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If you dread the swimsuit season, you’re not alone. Even women who are in fantastic shape might feel a little uncomfortable wearing next to nothing. And since most women have areas they want to work on, it’s really not that surprising that the thought of wearing a skimpy suit in public is enough to make us go running for the hills. But before you give up on trips to the beach and pool parties, consider that having a few guidelines to go by could help you to find a swimsuit that is both comfortable and flattering. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Bikini ShoppingKnow your shape. Certain builds look good in just about any shape of swimwear, so if you’ve got one of those bodies that are curvy, toned, and perfectly proportioned, congratulations – you’ve got the trifecta that means you can sport just about any style of swimsuit. As for the rest of us (a much larger group, by the way), finding the most flattering swimwear is a matter of knowing your shape and understanding how to shop for it. For example, women that are heavier on the bottom might be tempted to opt for more coverage. But a boy short or skirt can serve to emphasize this problem area and even add volume. Instead you might go for a full coverage, high-cut brief that still gives you the cover you crave but makes your legs look longer and pulls the eye up. Knowing your body type is the place to start.
  2. Consider coverage and comfort. Just because you have the body to wear a string bikini doesn’t necessarily mean you want to show that much skin. Any time you buy a new suit you need to consider several things, but coverage and comfort count for a lot. One thing that may play into this equation is how you intend to use your suit. If you’re lounging by a pool, the chances of having a wardrobe malfunction (i.e. a nip slip) with a flimsy suit are pretty small. But if you’re going surfing or playing beach volleyball, a little more coverage and support could be a good idea. And of course, you should consider your personal level of modesty. If you’re going to end up wearing a cover-up all day at the beach you may as well just get a one-piece instead of a bikini.
  3. Try stuff on. There’s just no better way to decide if a suit is flattering than to try it on. But you might want to prepare for the prospect by waxing your bikini area and wearing appropriate undergarments (i.e. a thong). If you’re trying to get a read on a suit when you’re distracted by stray hair and panty lines you might have a much harder time finding swimwear that suits you.
  4. Shop with honest friends. It can be difficult to be objective when trying on swimming suits, especially when you have so much skin showing. So you should think about bringing a friend with you that you trust to give an honest opinion, as well as constructive feedback that will help you to pinpoint appropriate styles and shapes to flatter your body.
  5. Shop online. When you’ve spent enough time reading  swimsuit shopping tips, you should be able to choose the right styles for your body. And armed with this knowledge you can start shopping online at outlets just for example. You’ll find designer swimwear and you may even get discounts on items that are only available online.

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