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5 Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

creative ideas valentines day gifts for her
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Gentlemen, this one is for you! Is Valentine’s Day getting closer and closer and you didn’t manage to buy the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend or fiancée? Worry not, because we are here today to offer some creative gift ideas to make her fall in love with you again. Forget the classic chocolates, heart-shaped pillows or flower arrangements. Get a little out of the box and ask yourself: what would she really like?

1. Knitted Goodies for the Cuddly Girlfriend

It is still February, so besides some chocolate and some flowers, you can also add some soft, smooth and warm wool or cashmere knitted accessories: mittens, a shawl, a hat, a vest and so on. If you want to leave her speechless, you can pick Pantone’s colors of the year: the sweet Rose Quartz (a lovely pink speaking about love), or Serenity – a shade of pale blue which speaks about peace and comfort

2. Refined Jewelry for the Classy Girlfriend

If you gifted her all sorts of jewelry in the past, this year try something new: a pair of sterling silver multicolored amber earrings. Being multicolored, they go with almost any outfit of her choice, turning this gift into her future favorite accessory. Such earrings usually come together with matching necklaces or bracelets, so you can truly surprise her with a luxurious set.

3. Love Puzzles for the Playful Girlfriend

Take a picture of you two or a landscape image you know she loves (from a past vacation you spent together for instance) and turn it into a puzzle. There are companies which can create gorgeous puzzles out of photographs, so challenge her to rediscover a dear memory you shared together while she is having the time of her life playing.

4. A Smart (phone) Reminder for the Business Girlfriend

Is she attached to her smartphone all day because of her job? Then surprise her with a personalized smartphone case to remind her how much you care for her. If you are into personalized gifts, this one has a note of originality to it, as the message can transmit anything from mushy, to funny, to downright romantic declarations. She will feel her heart melting every time she holds the phone.

5. Inscribed Set of Glasses for the Practical Girlfriend

She might not be into grand romantic Valentine’s Day gestures, but she will appreciate a gift that is cute, romantic and practical in the same time. You can buy a set of coffee cups or glasses and inscribe them with lovely messages such as “You are the best”, “My heart beats only for you” and so on. Every time she has her morning coffee or her breakfast juice, she will have a sweet smile on her face because of you.

Which of these presents are you more interested in? Did you ever think about one of them to gift to your loved one?

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