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5 Cool Patterns to Incorporate into Your Wardrobe this Summer

cool prints for summer
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There is nothing more appealing in the summer fashion trends than prints and patterns. A symphony of color and interesting combinations of contrasts, printed dresses, skirts, trousers and even footwear are all the rage this season. Today we will take a look at five of the most interesting ones that blessed the runways earlier this year and see how trendy ladies can incorporate them into their wardrobes and their casual chic outfits.

1. The Graphic Marble

This bold print is exquisitely enhanced by fluid garments like maxi dresses in sheer fabrics and noble combinations of satin, silk, lace and so on. The idea behind the graphic marble print is that colors and contrasts make an entire universe to shape, remodel and get imaginative with. You will see this summer long silky dresses, see-through slouchy blouses, capes and ponchos popping a dash of color here and there only to fade and reappear brighter a few inches farther.

2. Surrealist Paintings

Imagine dresses, off shoulder blouses, cropped pants, maxi skirts and capes all looking like canvases painted by masters such as Dali or Picasso. The stroke of paint prints give garments an almost surreal look, as you can see a brushstroke here and one there, a child’s play – if you like – but executed with the genius of a true artist.

3. Abstract Floral Prints

Floral prints are not new in fashion, but this year we won’t see only the realistic and all-known small or oversize flowers printed on dresses or blouses. This year is going to be more about abstract floral prints, gradient patterns, intricate vines and bright popping colors on white or black backgrounds. You can incorporate such a delightful print by wearing a pastel floral pattern on a summer strappy top, a long sheer summer dress or a velvety cape for a magical, fairytale like outfit.

4. Bold Stripes

Now stripes have been around for ages and one might wonder what can designers bring new to the runway and the streets, since stripes are probably the second most common staple of summer fashion (after realistic flower prints). This year is not about the stripes in themselves, but about how one can boldly play with them. It is about layering clothes that feature different types of stripes in different colors and mixing various degrees of the stripes’ width to create abstract and fabulous effects. Mixing fabrics together with mixing stripes give the garments a feel of texture and depth.

5. Geography and the Universe

One of the most interesting prints and patterns for this summer are the geography ones and the universe ones. By this we mean long summer maxi dresses with maps printed on them (or portions of a map) and prints with important landmarks (D&G comes to mind: they printed legendary Italian sights like the Pisa Tower or the Amalfi Coast on elaborately designed dresses). If you don’t want to look like a touristic guide, however, you can always go for stars prints, night-sky prints, planets and everything related to the unknown beyond above our heads.

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