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5 Body Shapers to Boost Your Looks and Confidence

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Body shapers make some of the best tools and quick fixes women can use to boost their looks and confidence when it comes to fitted outfits. You may have a bit of a tummy or generous hips you want to “disguise” when wearing that black slim-fit cocktail dress of yours. You may want to reduce your post-partum waist with a few inches or you may want to highlight your best body parts. In this case, you may need one (or more) of the following body shapers for an instant Red Carpet look!

1. Waist Cincher

A vest corset waist cincher is comfortable and provides you with a perfect hourglass shape underneath your clothes. Some of the best waist cinchers come in three or more layers of fabric, to ensure durability, flexibility and a healthy position of your back. They are used to flatten your tummy, while emphasizing the top and bottom curves, for an outstanding look, reducing belly fat if worn regularly.

2. Compression Body

While the waist cincher only targets your tummy, a compression body has an impact on all your parts, starting with your bust line. While uplifting your cleavage, it also trims down the waistline and hips. This compression body works great with almost all outfits, be them casual or elegant. Their best advantage is that, over time, they can also reshape your body.

3. Full Body Shaper

In comparison with the products described above, a full body shaper works as a real suit. They usually come in different sleeve styles and they shape, remodel, tone, uplift and trim all your body parts, bust to butt. They are recommended mostly to women featuring a pear-shaped body and they go great with all outfits which include trousers or jeans.

4. Shapewear Slip

This type of body shaping accessory goes well with all dresses and skirts. Its main role is to tone down and trim your tummy, hips and thighs. Remember that the shapewear slip can look like a skirt or like a full-body dress (strapless). Depending on what you want to achieve, the shapewear slip can be worn to make your body look slimmer and trimmer.

5. Panty Girdles

Depending on their length, you can wear them under jeans and trousers or even skirts and dresses. They beautifully work around your hips and thighs, trimming all lumps from your waist down. They are extremely practical and comfortable, making you look spectacular while offering you full freedom of movement.

Are you wearing body shapers? Which ones do you prefer?

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