5 Best Running Tips for Beginners

5 best running tipps

You care about running. Whether you are a runner hitting the city pavement in your Adidas or someone that just enjoys breathing in the great outdoors with every stride, knowing some key running tips are good for your health and your mind. Don’t run another kilometer before checking out these incredible running tips.

5 best running tipps
5 best running tipps

Replace Worn Running Shoes

Do you know when your sneakers need to be replaced? Do you have special running shoes? Many beginning runners think that they can wear just any mens sneaker that go with everything, but it is important to have a high quality shoe. And to know when it is time to replace them. Most shoes will last a few hundred kilometers before showing wear and tear. Look for cracks and holes. If you run daily, your shoes will need to be replaced more often. When buying a new running shoe, choose a quality brand that you trust that have a track record of success and comfort.


Hydrate, But Not Too Much

Too many beginners find themselves succumbing to dehydration. This can result in painful cramps and injury, or even heat exhaustion or stroke. Keep water on your person at all times for longer events or in hot weather. Hydration packs are especially helpful for long races, trails, and long distance running. Avoid overhydrating. If you feel the water sloshing around in your stomach, then wait. Your body needs to absorb the water and let the water make it to your bloodstream.


Have a Partner

If you are just starting to run, having a partner will help you meet your goals and gain consistency in your exercise routine. Don’t limit yourself to one partner. Each runner has his or her own stride, challenges, and strengths. By alternating partners, or even running in a group, you can make the most from the variety in running styles. A partner will also help you avoid skipping a run, especially on those days where you might just want to stay in bed instead of hitting the trails.


Pain is NOT Gain

If you have an injury, health issues, or feel pain and discomfort, you should rest. Why? Unless you have the okay from a medical professional or your athletic trainer, there is a good chance that you will injure yourself further. In fact, if you push yourself, you may end up on the bench even longer. Runners with health issues like diabetes, heart problems, obesity, and other health concerns, should speak with their trainer and doctor about a healthy running routine that will prevent injury while maximizing health benefits. And never underestimate the power of recovery days, especially after a particularly difficult run.


Give Yourself Time

You would never expect a toddler just learning how to walk to jump on a bicycle. Give yourself time and patience. Be sure that you are ready for each race. Stretch before and after hard workouts and events. Know your body and recognize any strain, cramping, or injury. Rest when you need to. Set realistic goals. Pace yourself. And stick with your routine to achieve success.


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