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5 Awesome Fashion Items for a Stylish Pregnancy

pregnancy fashion items
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Being pregnant is a gift and a wonder that women embrace wholeheartedly. As women’s bodies go through changes, they are compelled to change their clothes and their clothing style. But just as fashion stylists say, just because you are pregnant this doesn’t mean you have to give up on your personal style or your tastes. If you are into skinny jeans and boots, you should wear them proudly, just as you’d wear a long sheer maxi dress if you are a promoter of the stylish bohemian fashion. Today we will take a look at five awesome fashion items that will definitely make you look like a queen and turn your pregnancy into a fashion statement.

1. An Asymmetrical Hemline Slouchy Blouse

Pick a casual asymmetrical hemline t-shirt that is higher on the front and longer on the sides or back – it won’t be tight on your bump but stylish and comfortable and totally in the trends. This asymmetrical hemline is perfect for those women who don’t want to show off their bump if they are over five months pregnant. Such a blouse goes insanely great with leggings or skinny jeans.

2. A Stylish Belly Band

If you are in your early months of pregnancy and still want to wear your tight jeans (but can’t fully button them up), then you need a stylish maternity everyday belly band that can be folded. You should pick one with a stay-put silicone strip and wear it over unbuttoned or loose jeans and trousers. If you are a few months pregnant, wear it folded to cover the unbuttoned area of your pants, but if you are advanced with your pregnancy, wear it full-length to hold maternity pants that are slipping or falling down. A good-quality belly band can be worn in your post-pregnancy months to ease your transition back to your pre-pregnancy jeans and smooth your belly while nursing.

3. A Lycra Dress

Your pregnancy is sexy and you should show it proudly, fashion designers say. If you don’t want to cover your body in layers upon layers of fabric to hide everything, then try a Lycra dress and show off your goddess nature. Lycra is stretchy enough to show everything, but it does so in the best ways possible. A form fitting style aided by Lycra enhances your body line beautifully without making you look bigger than you actually are.

4. The Wrap-Up Little Black Dress

If you are pregnant it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your black summer dresses for cocktail parties or formal events. You can always try a wrap-up cocktail length little black dress in a comfortable material and a deep plunging neckline. The wrap-up shows your bump but it does so in a very sexy and stylish way – while the deep neckline is a must for all pregnant women.

5. Big Bold Accessories

A chunky necklace goes perfectly with a maxi dress and a pair of strappy summer sandals. It makes you look composed, harmonious and incredibly stylish. Don’t dismiss big chunky jewelry pieces just because you are big. On the contrary, style experts recommend you add one such massive piece to your casual or office outfit for a little pregnancy glamor which you totally deserve.

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