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5 Autumn/ Winter Fashion Items that Compliment Your Body Type

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More than once we hear Fashion Police representatives comment upon the brilliant (or the very poor) choices some women make when they dress up. They talk about women’s height not going well with a certain type of trousers, or about women’s’ body types not being at all complimented by certain dress models. To shine some light on a few fashion items which really go well with certain body shapes, we picked today five such clothes and match them with the proper body builds.

1. Waist-Highlighting Dresses

No matter how long or midi the waist-highlighting dress is, remember that it goes very well with a column-shaped body. This body type describes those women who are tall and slim, have beautiful long legs and proportional sizes. If you fit the profile, a dress which enhances your waist and breaks your height is what you are looking for.

2. Hip-Hiding Sweaters

In the fashion world, there is something called the “bell body.” This means you have a tummy and rather broad hips, or a rather thick waistline. One of the best fashion accessories you can make use of is a long, trendy sweater, a tunic perhaps, a coat or a cardigan. They also go very well with a pair of waist tummy compression control top leggings, for a cool autumn/ winter look. You can also create some balance by wearing coats with broad shoulders. Don’t forget your favorite winter boots either.

3. Bootcut Trousers

Bootcut trousers are indeed fashionable and many women wear them. However, the best body type they go with is the “lollipop” one. Think about Angelina Jolie, with her generous cleavage and endless legs and you will have a pretty good idea about this body shape. In other words, we are talking about tall women with beautiful legs and ample breasts. In order to create a balance in their overall look and draw the eye away from the chest, one of the best choices for a casual autumn/ winter look is the bootcut trousers.

4. Skinny jeans

Almost all women wear skinny jeans in a wide variety of combinations. However, the body which gets complimented the most by this fashion item is the one that we usually observe in fashion models or some hot celebrities: long slim legs, slim hips, a less-contoured waistline, small breasts and broad shoulders. If you are thinking about Cameron Diaz you wouldn’t be wrong. A pair of skinny jeans enhances the hips and balances the shoulders. In general, this body type is best complimented by clothes which create curves.

5. Broad-cut tops and jackets

One of the most common body types you will see around is the “bee.” This means you have a clearly contoured waistline, but small breasts in comparison to broad hips, thighs and legs. Of course you can flatten a little the curves visible under the waistline with the help of flattening leggings. On the other hand, broad-cut tops and jackets offer your body visual balance, broadening the shoulders.

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