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5 Accessories Every Businesswoman Needs

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The days of women staying at home cooking and cleaning are long gone; now is the time for women to flourish professionally and work their way up the corporate pyramid as equals. Contemporary women are more and more interested in the field of business and they possess the necessary determination, perseverance and dedication to succeed in large corporations. Nevertheless, to nail any business proposal, a woman must be in tip top shape and dress flawlessly at meetings. One of the most significant parts of any well planned outfit is the choice of accessories. With the list of 5 accessories every businesswoman needs we have prepared for you below, you are sure to seal the deal with style.

1. Stilettos

No matter if you are at the office or out for brunch with a potential client, stilettos are a must for the businesswoman. They are a symbol of fine tastes, prestige and the fact that you are down to business. We recommend that you own at least one pair of simple, black stilettos, preferably with a pointed front. Make sure that the heels are not too high, as you are probably going to spend quite a few hours wearing them throughout the day.

2. Tasteful Jewelry

The key word here is tasteful. This means that you should keep your bold and extravagant jewelry for formal occasions out, no matter how valuable the pieces are. For business purposes, you should sport subtle pieces of jewelry such as pearls or thin silver or gold accessories. You can even narrow your selection down to a pair of discrete and stylish stud earrings; keep it professional.

3. Watch

A dedicated businesswoman will always be on time for her meetings, and she will show up perfectly dressed and accessorized. For this, a fine watch is precisely what you require.  We recommend that you choose a silver piece so it won’t be too flashy, while some details can be emphasized with thin gold lines. This truly is the most professional accessory that a businesswoman can own, while remaining at the height of her style game.

4. Leather Agenda Planner

If you really are passionate about your work and completing your tasks correctly, a leather agenda planner is an essential accessory to have in your bag and on your desk at all times. You can organize your meetings, projects and other details at the beginning of every day or at the end of the previous one. Even though you can always use your smartphone or tablet these days to plan out all of your to dos, there really is nothing that compare to writing them down and having them at hand at all times. We suggest that you purchase a planner with a leather coating, as it reflects your business habits well.

5. Business Handbag

This is one accessory you really cannot go without as a businesswoman: a handbag. While purses are always a subtle and fashionable presence, you won’t be able to fit your laptop, planner, tablet and other daily items into one. Consider a black leather business handbag for all of your daily office needs.

Photo credits: Youngwomenentrepreneurs.com.