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4 Wooden Handmade Accessories to Wear This Year

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Wood is perhaps one of the most versatile, all-purpose, renewable, and malleable natural elements found on our planet, so there’s no wonder that it is so precious and so highly regarded. But long gone are the days when wood was used to make fire and build strong, durable things, from houses to boats. Today wood is also a very interesting fashion material, as it is used to create the most outstanding fashion accessories. Think beyond the classic handmade earrings or necklaces, as wood can be turned into almost anything. Let’s take a look at four beautiful wooden accessories meant to highlight your natural beauty and your wild spirit.

Wood Clasp Handmade Bracelets

Wooden beans are not a new trend when it comes to bracelets, but wooden handmade clasps are getting more and more fashionable by the minute. Hard wood buckle clasp bracelets go great with an autumn outfit in natural colors, for instance. Statement-bracelets highlighting numerous beaded elastic strands can enhance any woman’s look, no matter her age, in those warm summer evenings when the obvious choice is a long silk summer dress in colored patterns.

Wood Panels Leather Bags

Again, leather bags are not new. But how about combining a stainless steel frame with a soft leather interior and wooden panels, all in the same clutch? Birch or ebony veneers, beautifully protected by a layer of satin lacquer can turn any bag into a fashion statement and a unique piece to make you stand out of the crowd. Wooden-finished bags are classy and elegant and they can turn any outfit into a sensation. Zebrawood and ebony are exquisite choices when it comes to such bags, but you can find many other lovely combinations as well.

Wooden Wrist Watches

They are rare, expensive and unique, but they are also true pieces of art. Wooden handmade watches are created entirely from wood and are very functional as well. Some watchmakers add the necessary metal springs or cogs too, but such wrist watches are 90% made of precious materials such as bamboo, juniper or birch. Some models follow the classic watch designs, while others embrace the steampunk concepts, making the inner mechanism visible. These are excellent choices for personal wearing or for making gifts to those passionate about original watches.

Wooden Sunglasses Frames

If you really want to stand out of the crowd this year, then handmade wooden eyewear is a must. When we think about eyewear we mostly look for high-quality lenses and nice frames to fit our style, features and personality. But wooden handmade sunglasses frames took the world by the storm in the last years, changing forever the way we look at wood and glasses in general. They can make anybody feel special and unique, not to mention that they go incredibly well with any outfit in any season. Oh, and together with a stylish wooden watch, a zebrawood clutch and a statement wood clasp beaded bracelet turn into a match made in Heaven.

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