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4 Ways to Make Your Clothes Compliment Your Skin Tone and Smile

Skin Tone
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If youve ever seen a pallid complexion matched with faded colors, you probably have an idea how important it is that the clothes you wear and your skin tone work together in your favor. In this post, we will consider how to best complement your natural pigmentation with clothing colors that will enhance your overall look. Here are four ways to do so.  

1. Determine your Skin Tone

Skin Tone

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To begin with you need to first analyze your skin tone and determine where your natural coloring lies. With the best natural lighting your home can produce, stand in front of a mirror and hold a white sheet up to your face. This will help you to truly decide whether you have warm or cool tones.

Cool Tones

If you find you have a pink or rosy cheeks, then you have a cool tone. You could also find brown with reddish or blue undertones. Pink, violet and blue undertones, and obvious blue veins are all indications of cooler undertones. Dark brown eyes, dark blue eyes, and gray-blue or hazel eyes along with hair that appears dark brown, black with a blue undertone, golden blonde and medium ash brown — these features all indicate a cool coloring.

Warm Tones

If you find peach, apricot, red or golden tones, your coloring is warm. It makes no difference if your skin is brown, medium or even pale, it could have undertones of gold or peach. Your veins will appear to be more green than blue in color. If you hair ranges from red-brown, golden blonde, red to black, then it could mean you have warmer tones. As for eyes look for hazel, green, and golden brown to amber.

2. Consider These Colors for Cooler Tones

If you determine your skin tone is cool, then the colors that generally best complement your appearance will be blue-based. Vivid raspberry or royal blue, even pure black will really flatter you. For a softer tone, try aqua-blue, soft white and lemony yellows.

3. Consider these Colors for Warmer Tones

If you find you have warmer skin tones, bronzes and oranges will best complement your coloring.  Also, mocha and sage greens will work well with your skin tone. Try greens in jade, olive or moss. When summer arrives lime and ivory colors will also be attractive on you.

4. Calculate the Power of Your Smile

In order to ensure that your smile pops in combination with your skin tone and clothing choices, check out the Kool Smiles Youtube  videos. Kool Smiles dental offices were built for children and adults who want an enjoyable experience. They provide quality and compassionate oral healthcare, and they know how to make your smile accentuate your appearance no matter your skin tone.

In the end, it doesnt matter what skin undertones you have, there are ways to make your next outfit radiate in conjunction with your natural complexion. You just need to know how to coordinate the colors and top it all off with a bright smile.

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