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4 Summer Accessories You Can’t Live Without

Buy your favorite pair of sunglasses
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Ladies, it’s official: summer is finally here! Pack up all of your fluffy jackets, boots and beanies and get ready to refresh your wardrobe with the latest summer goodies. After buying adorable dresses, miniskirts, shorts, tank tops and sandals, you are going to need some lovely accessories to match with them and spice up your cute outfit. Whether you want to look fabulous with the perfect hat or shield your eyes with style with the perfect sunglasses, we have prepared some super cool ideas to get you started on your shopping spree. Discover the summer accessories you can’t live without this summer and have fun shopping with your girls!

Buy your favorite pair of sunglasses
Sunglasses are always in style

1. Hats

We really can’t stress enough how much we love summer hats. Aside from the fact that they protect you from the tiring strong rays of sun, they make a super stylish addition to any outfit. You can rock the classy diva look and wear a natural straw hat, or choose one in your favorite color. Summer hats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one that compliments your facial features the best. This year Marsala is all the rage (2015 Pantone Color of the Year), so you might want to consider purchasing one in that color.

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses have been the essential summer fashion piece for as long as we can remember. Just like hats, they protect you from the sun while allowing you to remain super chic and vogue. Let’s be honest, when was the last time that you went through summer without a new pair of awesome sunglasses? There are tons of designs to choose from, like the classic police glasses or the timeless rock-and-roll Wayfarers, for example. You can choose a colorful pair in bright colors to match your mood, or keep it classy with black frames and lenses.

3. Bandanas

The pin-up look is timeless, girl! What better way to show your feminine side than with a bandana updo that brings out the true lady in you? There are loads of tutorials online that explain how you can do the do like a true retro diva, or you can experiment yourself and see how you like it the best. One of our favorite classic bandana designs is the one with a red background and white polka dot print, which looks great on almost every hair color out there. Put on some red lipstick and black eyeliner, you are going to look fabulous!

4. XXL Bag

Oversized bags are a must this summer. Whether you want to grab your favorite beach bag and hit the seaside or find the perfect accessory for your street wear outfit, you are going to need the perfect XXL bag to be the icing on the cake. This is yet another fashion accessory that is super useful, besides being trendy. You can fit almost anything you could ever imagine in your bag, while remaining forever in style. You might even want to treat yourself to a designer bag for extra class; go for it!

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