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4 Retro Fashion Pieces We Absolutely Adore

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We all know that the ‘50s were some of the most wonderful years in United States history, especially from a cultural point of view. Each and every art form literally shined during this period, from music and cinema to pop art and, of course, fashion. At a time when femininity was a must and when girls did not walk around dressed carelessly like men, elegance and style were of the essence. The fashion staples of the 1950s have become so iconic even to present day that traces and inspiration can currently be found in literally any new collection or store. It is impossible to not walk into a shoe store without seeing clothes, shoes and accessories that are connected to vintage fashion from the golden age. Find out more about 4 retro fashion pieces we absolutely adore and glam up!

1. Pin-Up Bandana

Iconic would be an understatement for this piece. The classic red and white paisley pattern bandana has been an irreplaceable accessory for pin-up hairstyles ever since Rosie the Riveter became the image of the female struggle during World War II. You remember the classic “We Can Do it!” poster that you see everywhere when strong, independent and hard-working women are described? Yep, that’s her.

2. Swing Dresses

Some of the loveliest pieces of clothing that have become synonymous with retro fashion and the 1950s are swing dresses. With the help of a petticoat, swing dresses can make you go from a tomboy to a refined lady in a matter of seconds. Swing dresses are perfect for fancy occasions, theme parties or simply a walk in the part during a sunny summer day.

3. Cat Eye Sunglasses

The most feminine pairs of sunglasses you can ever dream of are those inspired by feline eyes. We are talking about the famous cat eye sunglasses, which add an extra touch of pure girliness to any outfit. They stand out from classic sunglasses by creating the same effect as eyeliner does: long, gorgeous and seductive eyes. Try a pair decked out with rhinestones for an extra dazzling appearance.

4. Peep-toe Pumps

No list about retro fashion pieces would be complete without the peep-toe pumps. These cute high heels match perfectly with the swing dresses we mentioned above, and you can also combine them with the pin-up bandana and cat eye sunglasses for the ultimate vintage outfit. We recommend red peep-toes for that super sweet and sexy, naughty but nice look that can only be mirrored in the timeless fashion of the 50s.

Photo credits: Thepinuppodcast.com.