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4 Nail Tendencies to Watch Out for this Season

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This autumn season came with some spectacular changes, although some trends transgressed summer and are now more alive than ever. If the fashion industry made its numerous statements during shows, fashion events and press releases and we are very aware of whats in the trends this season, clothes and footwear ““ wise, the make-up and cosmetic industry didnt lose any step in this ever growing race to make women feel and look more beautiful and more self ““ confident. And of course, since you cant have one without the other, this season it seems that fashion and cosmetics shook hands and agreed upon some common features:

–                   This season is all about dark, vivid, powerful colors such burgundy, purple, red wine, blood red, dark blue and so on.

–                   This season is all about rebellion: grunge make-ups and rock-style outfits and footwear

–                   This season is all about metallic adornments, oversize applications and 3D ornaments

–                   This season is all about metallic make-up, shades and nuances of gold, bronze and silver

–                   This season is all about black leather and animal print, with their cat and smoky eyes match

So since we all know whats in store for us, lets see what we have in the nails department, as this important aspect of a womans looks cant be forgotten, can it? And because we already have some serious hints on where is fashion stirring to this season, lets see what trends are en vogue when it comes to our beloved manicure.

1.           Blood red and burgundy

These are the nuances of the season, without a doubt, and the nail department made sure we have everything we need to also get a striking manicure. You will see women wearing mate or glam polishes, the majority falling in this dark red palette: bull blood (looks like burgundy, but darker), old wine red, dark cherry even.

2.           Matte grey

Since we love grey and smoky shadows this season, we can match our nails to our eyes (and even our bags and boots) by using matte dark nail polishes. Some companies provide special nail topcoats to turn any type of polish into a matte one. You have to admit these nails (and apparently it is fashionable to have them medium long, not use them as weapons of mass destruction) look incredibly well with an office outfit or a grunge rebellious casual ware.

3.           Go for the metals

We already told you everything has a dash of metal to it this season, from eye-make ups to lipsticks, lip-gloss, clothes and accessories.   So the nail department is all in for these new trends. You can accessorize your dazzling tarte cosmetics lip-gloss with metallic polished nails in tones of dark bronze, copper, dark blue, dark purple or even black. Smoky or dark eyes go great with a rather softer lipstick in pink, peach or nude nuances, but you cant miss a metal-dark grey polish on your nails for the next cocktail party youre attending.

4.           Once youve gone black”¦

If you imagine black rockers nails, black leather jackets and some chains, you missed the whole point of the season. Were not coming back to whatever was brutal, aggressive and cheap in older movements, but bring out everything that was beautiful in them and even take them a step further. Black nails will always be in fashion in certain combinations, but since this is a glam ““ dark season, you can try the matte variant, the metallic one or a very pretentious and fabulous experiment of adorning black nails with thin silvery glowing stripes. It goes great at parties, elegant soirees and balls, but if you like your black nails at the office, you can wear them in a “softer” way.

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