4 interview fashion blunders that must be avoided


For some people it might just be “another job”, while for others it might be bordering on life-changing. Interviews mean different things to different people but if you are serious about making that lasting first impression, you should be doing your upmost to dress the part.

Unfortunately, far too many people fall foul of this advice. They might stay up until the early hours studying the history of their potential company, and all of the other useful interview advice that is so commonplace on the internet, but when it comes to the crunch it’s that elusive first impression that lets them down. For men this is a task that is somehow much easier; generally, they just have to throw a pair of Dune men’s brogues on and they are almost there (that’s if you believe the tales about how you judge a man by his shoes). For women meanwhile, the task is a little more difficult.

Studies suggest that you have just seven seconds to make a good first impression and through today’s post, we will take a look at some of the big mistakes you need to avoid to ensure this with your outfit.

Keep jewelry to a minimum

Of course, jewelry in interviews is allowed. However, a sensible approach has to be taken.

For example, your wedding ring or any other so-called “standard” jewelry is completely fine. However, once you start to venture into dangly jewelry, things take a turn for the distracting. If it is particularly cumbersome you also run the risk of being quite annoying every time you move – and this isn’t what anyone needs.

Stay in-date with your suits

As we all know, a suit in an interview situation is absolutely the right course of action you should be taking. But an out-of-date suit? Think again.

This is asking for trouble and is very unlikely to fit well. Ultimately, the lapels are going to be excessively wide, and in general the look is going to be plainly unflattering.

It goes as far as your nails

So far, much of the guide has focused on what you are wearing. However, your fashion choices also filter as far as your nails.

The simplest rule is that they need to be neat and trimmed. Beyond this, and under no circumstances should you push any boundaries with your choice of polish. Keep it simple, keep it neutral, and don’t draw the eye to your nails. If you do, it’s another example of an unnecessary distraction.

Don’t risk bare legs

Finally, while bare legs can sometimes work very well, in an interview environment they tend to be frowned upon. As soon as bare legs enter the equation, a whole host of other fashion considerations also have to. It’s more hassle than it’s worth.

You need to rely on neutral stockings; again, making sure that you don’t draw attention to your garments by opting for something that is overly ‘out there’ and drawing attention for the wrong reasons.