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4 Cute & Comfortable Undergarments That Are a Pleasure to Wear

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We ladies know how sexy lingerie can go from dazzling to disastrous in a matter of seconds. We all love the allure of lace and thongs every once in a while (and we sure know how much men like seeing us in them), but we are more than well aware of how they can become a pain in the rear (literally!). Our mouths start watering when we see Victoria’s Secret models killing the runway with the sexiest pieces both women and men could ever imagine and we dream of rocking all those strappy bras, panties and negligees like divas. But do we really have to compromise our comfort to be cute, playful and attractive? No, ma’am. Lucky for us gals, there are tons of cute and comfortable undergarments that are a pleasure to wear out there. If you are not quite sure where to start searching for them, here are our 4 personal favorites. Have fun shopping and rest assured that you look fabulous while feeling great!

1. Comfort Thong

Believe it or not, there really is such thing as a comfortable thong. You do not have to pull up a G-string to look like a sexy senorita, and we actually do not recommend it in the first place. The internet is full of comfort thongs that you will truly enjoy wearing with your favorite dress without having panty lines show. Make sure that you purchase the right size and you get a pair with hip-hugging features so you can remain cozy throughout the day and evening.

2. Sexy Briefs

Let’s be serious, when it comes to making a man fall for you, what’s the fun in showing him everything from the beginning? You can grab a pair of naughty and nice briefs to give him a glimpse of what he is in for. You can choose a fabric that imitates lace but that is more comfortable to wear. The best kinds either fall down to the middle of your behind or a little bit higher for extra sex appeal. Believe me, you will be feeling so much better and self-confident, while he will be longing to discover more of you.

3. Comfort-Strap Bra

We all are more than familiar with the annoying and painful sensation of bra straps cutting into our shoulders, push up wires popping out after laundry and all-around uncomfortable pieces for the upper part of our body. The fantastic news is that a comfort-strap bra can solve all of your problems and more. Consider purchasing one when bra shopping and do yourself a world of good.

4. Loose & Lovely Chemise

The feeling of a silky and skin-kissing chemise really cannot compare to any other type of undergarment. While many ladies tend to use them as nightgowns nowadays, many others choose to rock them like in the 20s under their dresses when going out. If you are planning to win over a gentleman that night, it is the perfect detail to grab his attention for good.

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