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4 Adorable Summer Jewelry Trends You Will Fall in Love With

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Say it with me, girls, HELLO SUMMER! Even though the sunny season has officially begun for some time, we all know that July marks the best part of our favorite time of the year. The sun is burning better than ever, the ocean waves are waiting for you to swim the day away and your closet is begging for more and more cute clothes and accessories to match your super sunny mood. We know how much you are obsessed with jewelry, no matter if it is in the form of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants or other pieces, so we have piled up a list of our favorite 4 adorable summer jewelry trends you will fall in love with. Discover them all below and get ready to fall head over heels for them.

1. Rainbow Beads

Colors, tens of hundreds of thousands of colors! When it comes down to summer jewelry trends, it is all about a delightful abundance of colors in the brightest shades possible. This means that you can mix and match as many colors as you want in your jewelry, especially when the pieces are made out of beads. The more colors you combine, the merrier. Make sure that you try to balance out warm shades (red, orange, yellow) with cooler shades (green, blue, purple) for a super cute effect.

2. Flower Power

Flowers, flowers everywhere! As far as summer is concerned, you can put flowers everywhere and anywhere to create a fresh and friendly vibe. This means that you have the liberty of wearing all of the floral print dresses you want, as many natural flowers in your hair as you please and all sorts of jewelry either inspired by flowers or with actual flowers on them. If you want a truly unique appearance, try making your own necklace with natural flowers for an event and have fun while crafting it!

3. Fifty Shades of Gold

What better compliments sun-kissed skin than infinite shades that mirror the sun itself? Forget about grey, this summer you are going for the gold and wearing gold-inspired accessories that will simply glow on your tanned skin. You can choose a sweet bracelet, some hoop earrings or a long and thin chain that flows down your chest. Gold accessories really are fantastic after a few days of sunbathing, so you should really consider them for a shining appearance.

4. Turquoise

Not only is this one of our favorite gemstones, but it is also one of the greatest summer trends when it comes to jewelry in 2015. The beautiful and natural shade of turquoise offers the perfect contrast on tanned skin and looks utterly fabulous when combined with most shades in the color spectrum. We recommend that you choose pieces with large turquoise stones that are combined with either silver or gold. For an extra glamorous effect, you can wear jewelry sets entirely made with turquoise stones, with matching earrings, a necklace and a bracelet.

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