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3 Ways to Channel the Autumn/Winter 2013 Trends

 Any fashionista at least pays attention to the trends revealed after fashion week ““ even if youre not going to dress head-to-toe in new season fashion. Its nice to at least give a nod to the trends, it shows youre interested in what the fashion industry has to say, and other fashionistas will certainly admire your knowledge of the catwalk. Here are 3 quick ways to add a little fashionable edge to your autumn and winter outfits.


Add a hint of Rose


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Rose is the colour of the season ““ huge fashion influencers such as Vogue have even pointed out that designers were just crazy about pink-blush tones this season. No everyone wants to dress in head to toe pink, but you might like to consider wearing a floral rose crown, investing in a cute baby-pink satchel, or even adding a touch of pretty gemstone jewellery to your look with this Pink Topaz Raindrop Necklace from http://www.gemleys.com/ .


Add a Biker Jacket


1 leather jacket


Another major trend for autumn was grunge fashion. This is a trend that first emerged in the 90s, and its still going strong. Think ripped tights, crushed velvet, coloured hair and leather biker jackets, like this one from The Biker Store.


Be a 90s Prep


1 pink jacket


Remember the movie Clueless? It was a 90s cult classic, and designers on the catwalk have been hugely influenced by it this season. Its the opposite of the grunge trend, so think smart fashion in sensible prints like plaid. This cute plaid jacket from Ptarmigan is the perfect way to channel this trend! Wear it with a 90s style pastel crop top and mini skirt if youre feeling brave!