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3 Fashionable Women Watches Styles for this Season

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In modern times watches, in all their shapes and sizes, are more than timekeepers – they are important parts of our lives, accessories we can’t live without and pieces of jewelry which set the tone of our everyday look. Let’s see what’s interesting in the world of women watches these days. Are there new brands to follow? Are there new models to look for? Are this year’s fashion trends bringing something new to the table? Let’s take a look together at three major women watches models for this year!

1. The Gender-Bender Watches

Women wearing a man’s a watch is not something new. There are some famous ladies who set the trend a long time ago, and Madonna is among the first who comes to mind, as her relationship with a men’s Longiness is legendary. Some first ladies in American history also favored a square-shaped manly watch, and we’re thinking about Jacqueline Kennedy and Michelle Obama wearing the old (but ever new) Cartier Tank. This year men’s watches are also highly trendy when it comes to women’s fashion. From Rolex, to Movado or Dior, women have a wide range of watches to choose from. They add a tad of attitude, power and style to a feminine look and they are certain to make a statement.

2. The Watch-Bracelets Set

Adorning your wrists with sets of watches and bracelets becomes more and more popular, as the options are infinite. You can opt for a gold tone timekeeper coming together with chain bracelets, bangles and wires, in a classic Anne Klein watch and bracelets set. You can try a more casual look, going for plenty of leather or textile straps, friendship bracelets, beaded bangles and charm bracelets in a symphony of colors and textures. If you are into big labels, the Bulgari Serpenti watch in rose gold is a precious addition to any woman’s watch collection.

3. The Modified Pocket Watches

Inspired by men, worn by the ladies, the pocket watch has come a long way from the classy Victorian era to our overcrowded streets. Women pocket watches take the shape of slide chains – turning the watch into a very useful pendant. Ribbon chains are also highly fashionable and designers made sure ladies have a myriad of models and styles to choose from. Another interesting way to use a pocket watch as jewelry is the lapel pins. Originating before the 1850s, lapel pins are now an outstanding way to wear a watch and a broche in the same time. Some women prefer to pair the watch pins with lighter, more refined wrist watches, but all in all, the lapel pins make great statement jewelry.

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