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3 Fashion Gifts for Girls for the International Children’s Day

fashionable gifts for little girls
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Almost the entire world celebrates the International Children’s Day at the beginning of June. We know few things make children happier than receiving gifts (and Christmas and birthdays stand as proof for that). When it comes to kids’ fashion, the offer is limitless and always surprising. If you want to start educating your little daughter and help her shape her own fashion sense, we gathered five different types of fashion gifts for girls that will make the little ones as happy as they can be. So if you didn’t buy any gifts yet or still analyzing ideas, search for some inspiration below!

1. A Cute Wristwatch

There are countless models of wrist watches for girls and teens and you can pick one that will truly make her happy. You can find a novelty watch with a funny design, a stylish colored watch with a silicone band in a color she loves or an elegant small and refined wristwatch in a metallic band. If you want her to learn how to match colors and achieve chromatic harmony, you can pick a wristwatch with multiple changeable bands so she can coordinate the watch with her clothes. This is both a fashionable and educational gift as she will also learn time and time management and time orientation – skills that will prove more than beneficial as years go by.

2. A Delicate Pair of Earrings

When it comes to girl’s jewelry some pieces are must-haves. Later in life she will probably fall in love with accessories, but she will also need to learn that some items are timeless, forever fashionable and matching any type of outfit or personal style she will develop as she grows up. For instance, a pair of sterling silver hypoallergenic cubic zirconium stud earrings makes the perfect gift for little girls. They don’t pose a threat to her health as you should find earrings which are lead and nickel free. Remember that sterling silver is a forever fashionable precious metal. The delicate sparkle of the zirconium will make them look like little princesses – especially if your little one is in love with Elsa and the Frozen universe. And, as she will later learn, stud earrings are a must-have in any woman’s jewelry box.

3. One Little Fashionable Purse

Women and purses have a long lasting relationship so it is better to educate their tastes and teach her about space organization (which is possible, against all urban legends!) from an early age. You can pick a small cute tote, a handbag or a messenger bag for school. Make sure you pick an item of high quality in a color or design she favors. Such gift will indirectly teach her to appreciate quality items, to take care of them properly, to match them with an outfit and use them appropriately. She may not have many items to carry around (if she is little), but as her personal belongings will start piling up inside the purse, you will be able to teach her more about space and utility.

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