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3 Fall – Winter Sunglasses Trends to Love and Follow

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This cold season’s fashion trends cannot overlook the new ideas and designs when it comes to eyewear. We have talked about the hottest fall trends in clothes and purses, even shoes, but sunglasses are an important accessory many women love and wear with pride. From the catwalks to the streets, let’s see today three fall-winter sunglasses trends to get you inspired.

1. Round Sunglasses

Loyal to the summer trend, the fall-winter one represents only an extension of the funky, somewhat retro look we are already used to. When it comes to round sunglasses, however, we have to emphasize on a few exquisite models that caught our attention: the Ray Ban round resin/plastic frames bring front and center the gummy, soft textured frame that is comfortable, unique and incredibly cool. Fendi took things a bit further, featuring round lenses in cat-eye frames while Anna Sui managed to combine round lenses with funky frame shapes and styles. After seeing so many great round sunglasses on the catwalks, we are pretty sure ladies everywhere will adopt this new trend in the blink of an eye.

2. Geeky Sunglasses

“Geek” is the new fashion, especially for young, smart, fashionable ladies. We used to make fun of the geeks and nerds in school, but today the world is theirs to rule. From clothes, accessories and gadgets, the “geek look” became wildly popular and major fashion houses are playing this winning card. When it comes to sunglasses, things get even better: large glasses with clear lenses, animal print frames, cat-eyes shapes, retro styles, they are all going viral this season. In case you are interested, check what Gucci or Anna Sui have to say about sexy women with brains and attitude.

3. Colored Sunglasses

You may think that Aviators will never go out of fashion, and they probably won’t. However, something retro just came back with a bang: the thick, rich-colored sunglasses frames. Do you remember Audrey Hepburn’s large, white sunglasses? Well, imagine there’s no rule in shape and design but one: the frames have to be impressively colored. We are talking about hot pinks, sparkling yellows and blood reds. Armani, Etro and Versace weren’t cheap in using colors for the eyewear this season. No matter what shape you choose, make sure the colored frame really makes you stand out of the crowd.

What kind of sunglasses are you into? Oversized, Aviator-style, retro? What would you wear this season? Tell us in the comments section below!

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