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3 Casual Looks Which Go Great with High Heeled Sneakers

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When the French designer Isabel Marant first introduced the high-heeled sneakers, there were many fashion critics labeling the product in terms of “the ugliest shoes ever invented”. Some fashion magazines quickly developed allergies while talking about them, while famous fashion bloggers sworn vengeance against these shoes which seemed to make no sense. The underground fashion industry made things even worse, copying Marant’s idea and turning it into an abomination. And yet…

From the Catwalk into the Street

However, the top wedges high heels casual sneakers, sporting the comfort of a regular sneaker with the coolness of a high-heeled shoe, took the world by the storm. Of course, now all young women wear them, as they come in fun color combinations and quirky models. Some specialists say some newer models look much better than Marant’s originals, while others are still wondering: where and how can a woman wear these things? Is there a given occasion when women can wear sports shoes and stilettos in the same time? Are there actually proper outfits which match these strange pieces of footwear? Fashion designers and critics say that there are. If you are interested in wearing high-heeled sneakers and want to look trendy, this is how you should match them with your outfits.

1. Oversized Clothes

Street fashion decided the wedge heel sneakers go great with large clothes – oversized sweaters and winter jackets, large trousers, long coats or long skirts, leggings and even cloche skirts in some cases. However, avoid the high heeled sneakers adorned with shiny, golden or metal applications and accessories. They are not elegant, nor trendy. For a fashionable look, go for black sneakers or some which sport fancy color combinations, like navy blue, white or burgundy. You will see many combinations focusing on large coats, wool long sweaters, and neutrally-colored high-heeled sneakers. Best for brunch, school or shopping with the girls.

2. Skinny Slim-Fit Clothes

Some women prefer a more slim-fit look to go with the high heeled sneakers and they are not wrong. Fashion bloggers also prefer this type of outfit which includes skinny jeans or leggings, leather jackets or even faux-fur fitted coats. In this case, fashion experts recommend us using “quiet” colors when choosing the sneakers. An all-black winter outfit can include the sneakers matching an oversized sporty bag while you showcase a slim-fit, composed look. It is definitely sexier. Such outfit goes well with casual free-time activities.

3. Casual Office Clothes

You won’t probably go to a meeting with your CEO wearing an office suit and high-heeled sneakers, but you can go to work in a gray autumn day wearing such shoes. They go well with a midi skirt and an elegant sweater, or a pair of jeans and a shirt. For casual office looks with a hint of originality, you can try wearing the high-heeled sneakers sporting strong colors or, on the contrary, natural, earthly tones.

Are you into high-heeled sneakers or do you still find them impractical, unfashionable pieces of footwear?

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