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3 Autumn / Winter Designer Footwear Styles for Sexy Women

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Together with the cold season came the new footwear styles and trends signed by famous fashion houses. The shops are full of new and exciting shoes and boots and women everywhere started shopping for the winter. It is not easy to choose, as there are plenty of attractive models, but we can pick our favorites according to our personal styles, outfit tastes, attitude and even personalities. So lets see whats in store for us this season and what trendy combinations we can show off at work, down the street or even pretentious parties.

1.             For the wild rebel woman

In case you didnt notice already, this season is all about the rock, the grunge and the wild spirit of the nineties. This autumn / fall season has a rather tough and wild direction, with a lot of black leather boots adorned with metallic decorations, stripes and buckles. It is highly promoted by Saint Laurent house, which seems to wish to bring back the rock and the grunge movements into fashion. Women can opt from high heeled boots or flat boots and fashion shows often promoted the image of the forever young woman, rebellious and chic, wearing rock-style boots with skinny jeans or tear jeans, a wild make-up with an emphasis on smoky-eyes or cat eyes in black and dark nuances and a Kurt Cobain general attitude, including shirts of male inspiration and even a rebel, bad-girl haircut. When it comes to winter boots, make sure you stay protected from cold and discomfort, no matter how chic your footwear is. For instance, a pair of Reef Boots is both fashionable and comfortable, as they come with an anatomical arch support and a mattress ““ quilted foam foot-bed. If you believe this style is right for you, you can start looking for the rebel accessories in stores and online designer shops.

2.             For the elegant woman

In this department, there is nothing you could wish for and not find. This season is all about animal print, in both clothing and footwear. Designers such as Stella McCartney, Jason Wu or Cavalli promote the snake-skin famous imprint in footwear and you can look ravishing at the office with a fashionable suit or a cocktail dress to match these shoes. You can also follow another very fashionable trend this season, the dark blue footwear, no matter if its winter boots or office shoes. There are a lot of options out there, from elegant high heeled nubuk dark blue boots in any height, to a Valentino, Chanel or Gucci evening stiletto shoes. Stylists say dark blue is a color you can wear from head to toes, but others say that daring but elegant combinations are striking: match the dark blue shoes with a green outfit and even a beige one.

3.             For the chic woman

Fashionistas everywhere sighed in gratitude when they saw the new trends in this seasons footwear. Famous designer Louboutin made history with his lace ankle-high boots a few years ago and they are still hot this season, provided you wear them at classy parties or late night dates with your partner. The ankle-high boots in all models and colors are this seasons sensation, mostly because some designers turned them into real fashion statements. Besides the rock-glam and grunge trend, implying all sorts of buckles, we also have the cut-out short boots, a trademark of Valentino, Giuseppe Zanotti and Roland Mouret houses. They are chic and daring, as not many women have the courage to match these boots with colored socks, midi-skirts and sporty sweaters. However, if you really want to make a fashion statement, short boots, in no matter what models, are this seasons highlights.

So this fall is all about being daring, wild and elegant and together with the new trends in make-up and hairstyles, it is easy to be in the trends, look spectacular and let your personality show through your outfits.