5 Awesome Fashion Items for a Stylish Pregnancy

pregnancy fashion items

Being pregnant is a gift and a wonder that women embrace wholeheartedly. As women’s bodies go through changes, they are compelled to change their clothes and their clothing style. But just as fashion stylists say, just because you are pregnant this doesn’t mean you have to give up on your personal style or your tastes. […]

3 Ways to Style Your Vintage Swing Dress this Summer

vintage cap sleeve swing dress

We have talked about retro fashion coming back with a bang this year, but what we haven’t discussed yet is how you can rock a vintage swing dress no matter where you wear it. Have you ever considered taking it to the office or to a late night summer party? How about styling it up […]

Throwback Fashion: 5 Retro Trends that Came Back In Style


We all know fashion has its own way of self-correcting its trajectory, so it should not be a surprise that some trends come back from time to time in a surprising time-loop. This year we have a mix of the seventies met the nineties that translated to the runway into fabulous designs. If you favor […]

Making the Move to Online Shopping


Many people all over the world are making the transition to making their purchases online. Even the grocery industry has seen a huge take up in the amount of numbers logging on, and making their grocery purchases via their home computers. And it is simple to see why too. If you were to ask 100 […]

5 Cool Patterns to Incorporate into Your Wardrobe this Summer

cool prints for summer

There is nothing more appealing in the summer fashion trends than prints and patterns. A symphony of color and interesting combinations of contrasts, printed dresses, skirts, trousers and even footwear are all the rage this season. Today we will take a look at five of the most interesting ones that blessed the runways earlier this […]