3 Fashion Gifts for Girls for the International Children’s Day

fashionable gifts for little girls

Almost the entire world celebrates the International Children’s Day at the beginning of June. We know few things make children happier than receiving gifts (and Christmas and birthdays stand as proof for that). When it comes to kids’ fashion, the offer is limitless and always surprising. If you want to start educating your little daughter […]

Let’s Talk About Women’s Vests: Wearing and Styling

fashionable womens vests

Early summer and early fall are the best times you can wear a vest over a shirt, a dress, a tank top and even a sweater – provided you know how to pick the ones that truly compliment your body features and your personal style. Vests have a fashion and some trends of their own, […]

Spice up Your Denim Outfit: 5 Ways to Achieve a Trendy Look

how to style denim

All women wear jeans on casual occasions or even mixed in office outfits. Denim will forever be fashionable and each season it shows up on the runway in a different manner, a different color scheme or a different fabric combination. However, one thing is for certain: denim is timeless and it can be spiced up, […]

Travel in Style: 4 Must-Have Items for Gorgeous Vacations

must have items for stylish travelling

Once upon a time, men and women travelled in high style, wearing tuxedos on planes and heels or evening gowns in the Orient Express. Nowadays, it seems that we traded elegance for comfort and practicality, but this doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t add a few items to our luggage to make our travels more interesting. […]