5 Ways to Style up Your Golden Jewelry

golden jewelry style tips

You might wonder who wears gold anymore nowadays when the accessories industry came up with a myriad of alternatives to the more traditional jewelry. However, gold is still incredibly precious and it is not at all true that only your mom and grandma still wear real golden jewelry. Modern stylists found pretty impressive ways of […]

What To Wear When Visiting A Top Casino


It is never easy to know what to wear for a night out but feeling confident with your wardrobe decisions when heading to a casino is even harder. The best thing that you can do is get in touch with the casino before your visit to ask about their dress code and this will be […]

5 Fashionable Easter Gifts to Shop for Your Special Lady

fashionable easter gifts for women

If you didn’t have the time to shop for Easter gifts yet prepare to be amazed: we have a list of 5 fashion must-haves for women all ages and styles. As you know, we are all about fashion trends and runways highlights, so take advantage of the new 2016 key pieces of clothing and accessories […]

How to Match Your Bra with Your Summer Outfit: Quick Roundup

bra styles and models

Summer is coming and, together with it, thin, translucent, seductive and skin-showing outfits. One of the most annoying issues a woman has to go through is choosing the best bra for her body type and bust size. The second most annoying issue is matching a good bra with a summer outfit. The warm season comes […]

How to Style an Off Shoulder Long Sleeved Black Fitted Dress

Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Black Fitted Dress

The little black dress is a timeless piece and all women have (or should have) one in their wardrobe. Given the newest trends of this spring / summer trends, the off shoulder long sleeved black fitted dress is the hottest black dress you can get your hands on this year. Such a black dress can […]

3 Hot Bridesmaid Dresses Trends for Spring 2016

bridesmaid dresses trends

If you ever thought that fashion designers focused only on new high-end, business or casual outfits, we are here to tell you that you may have gotten things a bit wrong: there was no way that the fashion and accessories industry forgot about bridal and wedding attire. To prove that, today we are going to […]