Do you Feel Remarkable About Yourself?


Most people feel pretty average. If you look at the facts on paper, this might seem like an accurate assessment. Most of us about of average height, weight, attractiveness. Most of us fall somewhat short of “gender ideals” or other ways of measuring up someone’s worth at a glance. But all of us draw inspiration […]

7 Summer Pieces You Can Take with You for Fall Fashion


Out of all seasons, the summer to autumn transition is definitely the trickiest of all. You are not quite sure how to dress because the weather is ever changing, you’re not quite ready to give up all of your summer pieces and, frankly, you don’t even really want to. Instead, the creative dresser inside of […]

Autumn Fashion Pieces We Were Waiting For


We can all agree that we had an amazing, unforgettable and priceless summer, filled with some of our favorite sweet and sexy trends. We rocked shorts, floral dresses and tanks flawlessly, and we loved every minute of it. Nevertheless, even the greatest of summer fashionistas get tired of wearing the same kind of pieces after […]

How to find the best winter coat for your kids


When winter is around the corner, you’ll undoubtedly see your favourite department store’s racks start to fill up with a wide selection of winter coats for your kids. If you live in a cold climate, a winter jacket is pretty much a given for each member of your family. The question is, how can you […]

Fashion for Future Mommies: What to Wear when Pregnant


Any woman will agree that expecting a baby – and motherhood, in general – is the most beautiful, incomparable feeling in the entire world. Enjoy the nine months of preparing a tiny miracle for the world with these future mommy styling tips below! 1. Wrap Dress Don’t be afraid to show off your baby bump! […]

Awesome Messages We Love to Wear on T-shirts


Why not take your favorite piece of clothing and transform it into a reflection of your personality? Have fun, make a statement or show your support with these 7 awesome messages we love to wear on t-shirts below! 1. Jokes As far back as we can remember random birthday presents, funny t-shirts were always on […]

8 Styling Tips on How to Get the Bohemian Look


If you are an artistic, carefree, young and wild girl at heart, the bohemian style is perfect for you. It is a gorgeous way to express your personality and spirit through clothing, accessories and footwear, and we have exactly the list of tips you need to get it right. Check out our 8 styling tips […]

6 Accessory Ideas for Formal Events


There’s nothing that women like more than getting all dressed up for a fancy event. Whether you are planning to attend a wedding, a cocktail party, a gala or any other white collar event, you always have to dress to impress. While the first task on your list is to pick out the perfect dress […]

7 Tips on How to Accessorize Simple Dresses


If we could choose one fashion piece in the entire world that girls cannot live without, it would definitely be the dress. From girly girls to tomboys, the dress is perfect for shaping any style and personality and can be worn in an amazing amount of ways. While we love dresses with intricate patterns and […]

5 Accessories Every Businesswoman Needs


The days of women staying at home cooking and cleaning are long gone; now is the time for women to flourish professionally and work their way up the corporate pyramid as equals. Contemporary women are more and more interested in the field of business and they possess the necessary determination, perseverance and dedication to succeed […]