5 Fashion Brands that Went from Work Clothing to World Conquering


Aside from being some of the oldest brands that are still very much active in the fashion industry, companies that design work clothing have stepped up the game more than we could ever imagine. With quite a few being founded as far back as the late nineteenth century, work clothing brands have evolved and expanded […]

5 Ways for Men to Wear Messenger Bags this Summer


While we love covering fashion tips and tricks for women at Oh Industry, we equally enjoy covering the world of men’s fashion that doesn’t always enjoy the main spotlight. As opposed to women, men have a pretty strict set of accessories that they can choose from, and bags, backpacks and briefcases are one of them. […]

5 Super Slimming & Shaping Undergarments You Will Die For


The sole desire of any woman who has a few extra pounds is to look slimmer, leaner and firmer in clothing. While exercising and maintaining a balanced diet should be your number one priorities, sometimes lack of time and resources can make the process difficult. For the occasions when you want to look thin and […]

6 Fashion Tips for Busty Women


Women who have been blessed by Mother Nature with generous breasts know that it’s not all sunshine and daisies. Yes, we have an instant boost of admiration from the opposite sex, but being busty really is not all it’s cracked up to be. It makes jogging or running an instant drama with body parts flapping […]

Wool socks for Independence Day


Manufacturers have produced goods in the UK to commemorate particular events over the past few centuries, especially royal occasions such as coronations, births and marriages. Most of us have probably still got a mug or plate depicting such an event and many of these items have become collector’s pieces, with the oldest ones being rarely […]

Making Waves With Waves


Waves are a classic look that spans many generations. You can find waves in pictures of beautiful women throughout history. Though associated with some eras more than others, waves have never been entirely absent from the American repertoire. That’s true for much of the rest of the world, as well. One of the times in […]

5 Inspirational Pieces of Jewelry and their Meanings


For centuries, women have been adorning all types of jewelry for their aesthetic qualities. In more recent years, ladies have become more and more interested in the meanings behind certain pieces of jewelry, especially the stones or beads that are used to make them. You would be surprised to find out that almost all modern […]

5 Birthstone Accessories to Celebrate Your Month All Year


We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday! Why celebrate the best day of your life just once a year when you can show your love for your birth month all the time? Birthstones are gorgeous gems that are a sheer pleasure to wear anytime, together with the values and properties they represent. Here is a […]

Show Your American Pride with These 7 Summer Fashion Accessories


Even though the Fourth of July has just passed, we will always have hundreds of reasons for showing our patriotism. We Americans take pride in our country and we are not afraid to show it. Besides being an icon for American culture and history, the “Stars and Stripes” also serves as a timeless fashion motif […]

4 Cute & Comfortable Undergarments That Are a Pleasure to Wear


We ladies know how sexy lingerie can go from dazzling to disastrous in a matter of seconds. We all love the allure of lace and thongs every once in a while (and we sure know how much men like seeing us in them), but we are more than well aware of how they can become […]