How to unleash your wild side

Leopard lingerie

Lost the “spark” and dont know what to do? Perhaps its time to change the t-shirt/shorts combo when going to bed for something a little more risque, and no not your normal black lingerie that may be sexy, but is oh-so-common and quite frankly “playing it safe”. Take a step out of your comfort zone […]

The Pros and Cons of Human Hair Wigs for Women

Human Hair Wigs for Women

There are a number of reasons why the average woman might opt to wear wigs rather than displaying her natural hair. In some cases, it is related to medical conditions or medications (chemotherapy, for example) that cause hair to fall out. In other instances, women experience thinning hair or balding that makes them uncomfortable or […]

How to Find Comfortable and Stylish Women’s Winter Snow Boots


Finding the right pair of winter snow boots can be a challenge. Often it is tough to find boots that are practical and are stylish at the same time. You don’t have to sacrifice function for style or vice versa. Instead, use these tips to help you find comfortable and stylish women’s winter snow boots.

How to Eliminate Brown and Age Spots on Your Face and Body


If you’re lucky, you never have to deal with skin problems like acne, although it’s a rare teenager who doesn’t suffer at least a modicum of hormonal acne before adulthood. And some people phase out of skin problems when they outgrow adolescence. Others fight acne, rosacea, and other issues well into their adult years. But […]

Ideas for Wearing Casual Dresses


Knit Belted Dresses If it is spring or summer, you can sport a knit belted dress with some wedge shoes and a handbag or small purse. There are places where you can find several knit belted dresses in colors such as pink, blue, green, white and yellow. Knit belted dresses are comfortable to wear and […]

5 Effective Female Facial Hair Removal Tips

Female Facial

There are few things more embarrassing to the female population than unwanted facial hair, and it’s not hard to understand why, considering it is considered a masculine trait. In truth, all women have hair on their faces; in most cases it is simply fine fuzz that is not terribly noticeable. But genetics, hormonal changes, and […]

Wigs – How Human Hair Extensions Can Be Beneficial


Nothing else defines femininity than having a mane of gorgeous, flowing locks. Unfortunately, not everyone is fortunate enough to be blessed with beautifully thick hair worthy of a shampoo commercial. Of course, there are many products on the shelves that can help turn dry, brittle hair to something quite a bit manageable, but does anyone really want to […]

How Fashion and Trends go Hand-in-Hand with Music Culture


Does Life imitate art or does art imitate life? This question has been asked for generations because it’s difficult to define a clear line between which of the two has the greater influence. When we examine fashion and trends it’s easy to see how iconic artists can leave a great impact on society and our […]

TV and Films Top 5 Detectives

Shelock Holmes

When it comes to crime dramas, we really dig detectives. For hundreds of years, we’ve been told stories  of heroic law enforcement officials and the professionals they contract to help them. They’ve appeared  in books, movies, and television shows throughout the ages. Just about everyone out there has a special  place in their hearts for […]

Choosing the Better way to send Flowers on an Occasion


Sending flowers is one of the oldest ways that people have used to show others that they are being thought about.   Whether you are choosing to send your flower arrangement because you are celebrating an anniversary with your spouse or are sending a get well arrangement to a coworker who had surgery, flowers can […]