Why More Vacationers are Choosing Rentals Over Hotels


Your annual vacation is supposed to be a time where you get to kick back, de-stress and live it up in a wonderful and relaxing environment.    It turns out, that a university study found the quality of your vacation is a big determining factor in whether it is effective.   The study concluded that […]

5 Easy and Effective Ways to Look Red-Carpet-Ready on Prom Night


When you look back on your high school days and all of the things that happened during that time, we’re willing to bet some pretty good money that one of your best memories is going to be your prom night. That’s because it’s a time when you can dress up, hang out with your friends […]

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Hat for Your Face Shape

Perfect Hat

Hats are used for a variety of reasons and serve many purposes. In some cases, they can help to keep your head nice and toasty warm when the weather is cold. Other times, they are simply used as accessories to complete an outfit or they may be used to protect your face and eyes from […]

5 Ways to Ensure That Clip-in Hair Extensions Look Natural!

Clip-in Hair Extensions Look Natural

Hair extensions are an excellent way to switch up your look! You can cut your hair short but have it long the next day so you never have to commit to one hairstyle! Plus, you don’t have to wait forever for your hair to grow out and grow longer! When buying and applying clip-in hair […]

Travel to Niagara Falls for a Fulfilling Trip


Niagara Falls stands as a national landmark in both the United States and in Canada. Lying on the borders of both nations, Canada and the US have a remarkable setup for Niagara Falls, making solo and family trips most enjoyable. With so many different attractions dedicated for the tourists, hiring a travel agent or investing […]

3 Movies That Deal With Addiction


Article Content: People love movies about drug or alcohol addiction because, unlike an alien invasion, or a martial arts extravaganza, many people have either overindulged in drugs or alcohol themselves, or else no someone who has. We empathize with a character struggling with addiction, especially if they’re otherwise relatable and charming. We groan when they […]

How To Make Valentine’s Day Special


How To Make Valentine’s Day Special   Valentines Day is just around the corner ““ and its the perfect opportunity to show your partner how much you love them. However, making Valentines Day really memorable can be a bit of a challenge ““ sometimes its difficult to come up with ideas that create exactly the […]

The Perfect Handbags To Take On A Cruise

Perfect Handbags

Heading out on a cruise ship is an exciting time, whether its your first cruise or your 100th. Of course, youll want to be able to enjoy every minute of your adventure while youre out there, and that means being prepared. Youre likely to spend a lot of time choosing and packing what youll bring […]

5 Ways to Beat Dry Skin in Winter

Dry Skin in Winter

Most people have at some point experienced the harsh winter weather conditions that lead to dry, flaky skin. And if you’re on this seasonal merry-go-round with your skin because you live in a region that suffers weather extremes between the summer and winter months, you’re no doubt tired of dealing with the skin problems that […]

Jewelry Expresses Devotion


Diamond rings werent always the traditional stones for engagement or wedding rings. For example, in the Victorian era birthstones were often used as the gem of choice. Neither have diamonds always been prized as the supreme gemstone. During Cleopatras reign she purportedly dissolved a pearl from one of her famous earrings in a vinegar cocktail […]