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10 Celebrities Empowering Teens

Social media outlets make it easy for us to focus on how celebrities negatively influence their young fans. However, many famous entertainers choose to embrace charity and spread positive messages. Here are just 10 celebs using their influence to inspire and empower teens for the better.

Ashton Kutcher

At the Teen Choice Awards in 2013, Kutcher made a surprisingly wise speech pleading with teens to be smart, generous and “build” their own lives. He also forcefully told them that the products marketed to make them more attractive are only sold to make them “feel like less.”

Will Smith

Aside from starting a foundation focused on educating and helping underprivileged youth, Will Smith surprised a London school and gave them a “truly inspirational” speech about being “very aggressive” on being a good person and dreaming big.

Kelly Clarkson

The award-winning singer/songwriter is doing more than making platinum records, shes partnered with State Farm for “Celebrate My Drive” focusing on helping teens become more responsible drivers. As she puts it to her fans, driving is an “awesome freedom” but also a responsibility.

Demi Lovato

Since her rise to fame, Lovato has been part of programs empowering teens and a contributing editor to Seventeen magazine helping other young women. Wanting to share her own history, the starlet became an ambassador with Secrets “Mean Stinks” to discourage girls from bullying.

Ellen DeGeneres

Its no secret that Ellen DeGeneres is out to spread goodness, but she focuses a lot of effort on anti-teen bullying with spotlights on her show, visiting high schools, signing petitions and making YouTube videos.

Justin Bieber

The “Biebs” has a proud history of surprise visits, donating to schools, performing free concerts and donating to charities. In 2012, he responded to a video submitted by high school students by visiting their hometown and surprising a cancer patient with the dream of meeting him.

Selena Gomez

In recent years, Selena worked with State Farm motivating teens to take driving seriously, and became the youngest ambassador for UNICEF, hoping to inspire her fans to become more “considerate” and aware of the world.

Ian Somerhalder

When he isnt a sexy vampire, Somerhalder is starting foundations, and appearing in videos for the It Gets Better gay-lesbian campaign which reaches out to bullied teens””along with stars like Anne Hathaway and Jenny McCarthy.

Joe Jonas

The hit group, the Jonas Brothers, started their own foundation to motivate children to, “face adversity with confidence, determination and a will to succeed.” Now on his own, Joe Jonas teamed up with Acuvue 1-Day in a contest designed to match teens with celebrity mentors to help gain the confidence to achieve their dreams.

Taylor Swift

Whether or not she has a boyfriend, Taylor Swift is known for her charity work with teenagers, even honored by Michelle Obama for her work. Taylor was named “most charitable celebrity” in 2012, and became the youngest recipient of the Ripple of Hope Award for being, “the kind of woman we want our daughters to be: authentic and mighty.”